Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Socratic Seminar Reflection

1: Share 2 to 3 main ideas you are taking away from the seminar.
Many people had been concentrated on the topics that said " Pakistan is more focused on their country, because it has a lot of trouble with other countries" and the other "side" of the room would say that the education is the most important thing for Pakistan's future, and that's the side I agreed the most.

2: What was the most interesting idea you heard in the seminar?
The most interesting idea for me was the one that talked about the future of the education in Pakistan, that Pakistan needed to get better education for a better future of their country.

3: With what idea did you most disagree? Explain.
I disagreed with the idea that stated that the country of Pakistan is more interested in their country than in the education for the kids, I understand that they have trouble with many other countries, but I think that education comes first.

4: Assess your own participation: How did you contribute to the discussion, what would you do different in the next seminar?
I didn't participate in the Seminar discussion, I was paying close attention to the talkbut I didn't had something good to discuss. Next time I will take many notes and think what opinions and ideas I would have to offer.

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