Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Socratic Seminar reflections

1: Share 2 to 3 main ideas you are taking away from the seminar.

  • How the Buddhist society may help the whole country the whole time if the problem would keep on growing.
  • If the people of the country think that practicing Buddhism is a good help and that it has shown good results they should do what is best for their country.
2: What was the most interesting idea you heard from the seminar?

  • When a partner asked the question: What does the religious belief of reencarnation in the Buddhist religion have to do with protecting the environment? Because it made people think and it gave the discussion a turn so that people think of the problem in another way.
3:With what idea did you most disagree? Explain.

I disagreed with the idea that someone said about how the Government won´t  try and help the Religions building some new castles or temples for people being able to getting to know the religion better so their country wouldn´t continue having this problems.

4: Assess your own participation. How did you contribute to the discussion? What would you do different next time?

I think my group didn't participate so much but I gave some good points that made some people think and reflect on the Article.
In the next Seminar I would try to contribute more and think more on the questions and comments that people say.