Monday, December 14, 2015

Question 4 answers

I believe this statement is accurate because if the story of the Sudanese lost boys would have happened today, it would have been very similar. The boys would have walked a long distance also through the desert and rough weather or crossing difficult rivers with strong currents ans crocodiles. But also the transportation would be different now if help had arrived or terrorists would have charged them a lot of money to cross them through the ocean by boats. Also, the survivors were very lucky because the soldiers would have killed them or the harsh desert conditions would have killed them and that would also happen right now in any escape-migration situation. Also in the colonies people went to other places to find better economic opportunities or a better life without having to live a sad live were they where before, and I think this also happens now, people are running away to another place for a better life and better economic opportunities so they don't have to suffer any more, but some people are doing it illegally.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

2nd part project Pennsylvania

2. What factors would inspire you to risk everything and move someplace new today? Are they similar to the factors that inspired people to move to the colonies we have studied so far?

The colony that I am willing to move should have very good economic and religious opportunities, because if I am going to leave everything behind and practically start a new life in a totally new place, I should have very good opportunities there, In my opinion I would sell most of the things that I have in my old colony and use that money to buy land and crops in the new place so that the land would give me a lot of profit in the future and keep on buying more and more land to be a successful person in the colony.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Conflict and Cooperation Transfer Task

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A.C.E Columbus Legacy

Christopher Columbus has many different stories and opinions about what he did but in my opinion and what I have read he is mostly a villain than a hero. He killed millions of innocent Indians women and children with no reason at all and all he wanted was gold and glory he had no pitty for the Indians and didn't realise that horrible thing that he was doing, the only thing he did was discover America and show to Europe and create a colony. 

In the article "People's history of the United States" by Howard Zinn, he talks about all the awful things that he did to Americans and what he forced them to do. Howard doesn't talk about one single thing that he did good and I agree with him, Columbus was a savage and a murderer. Although he was a great navigator and adventurer. 

Columbus has been very stereotyped and hated. People should read more about him before judging and saying he was good and beneficial for humanity. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last question DBQ

10: In my opinion that statements is kind of true because all the things that they had to face where very harsh and the europeans stereotyped them a lot.
In documents 1 and 2 the illustrations were somewhat of exageretions of how Native Americans lived and how they were physically (very ugly), plus how they dressed (very badly and almost without clothes), and thankfully the author defend Native Americans and wrote the truth.
also Europeans brought different kinds of deseases that killed millions of people but also brought new things that helped native people on many things, europeans disacovered tobacco and other important stuff. The world should read and be aware of what really happened and stop stereotyping civilizations.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Current Event Source Evaluation

1: Is this a Primary or Secondary source? How do you know?

This is a Primary Source because the person that is writing about it has witnessed the event and is writing about what he saw and what he knows.

2:What information does the source provide? Briefly summarize it in 3-5 sentences.

This article is talking about a very big attempt of a bomb explosion that left 22 dead and 123 wounded civilians in Bangkok, Thailand. The Bangkok police hasn't determined who was the responsible behind this attack. Police cheif: Somyot Pumpangmuang said that they were warned about this attempt but didn't knew when or where it might happen and who knows what is going to happen with a military group governing the country.

3:How reliable is the source? How do you know?

This is a very good and reliable source because it has a film recorded by the witnesses and reporters of the news paper so you can see what happened in the bomb attack. Also this article talks about what the police say about it and what may happen with the government involved, this gives a lot of perspectives and data that helps the person that is reading it and wants to know about the attack.

4: What is one important question that the source does not answer? Where might you be able to find the answer?

This source doesn't answer who did this attack and that is a vital question for people to be aware of who did it and for the police to chase and track that person or group.
In days, the news of who did it will be everywhere and everybody will know. You might find it in another news paper that has the information quicker and with proofs of accusing the people that did it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pace of change

Pace of change is the shift or variation in a normal routine or pattern, the change of rate on a specific event.
One example would be the letters that were written and sent  a long time ago, they were sent by people that had to transport them and carry them to were they were sent. Nowadays letters are written by mail, tweeter or even Whatsapp. Technology has made the world very easily connected and now communication is possible in many different ways.

Rome was the first community or empire to create and invent roads, buildings and aqueducts, this major advances helped the world flow easily and be a lot more organized, now all those creations had been perfected in many ways and they can do much more. If they wouldn't have been invented, we would have many problems on transportation of products, houses and shelter for people to live, plus the world wouldn't be organized and it would need more things for the world to work as well.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Impacts of Globalization

Economic Impacts:
1: If the USA starts exploring their petroleum resources the price of the barrel lowers in other countries.
2: If a foreign bank comes to a country, it helps that country's economy with new policies and more money to borrow.
3: If a clothing brand for example Abercrombie comes to Colombia, generates employment and buys national products.

Cultural Impacts:
1: If new foreign companies come to a different country, each one would need to learn about the others culture.
2: Technology provides everyone with information such as culture, education and more important things in different areas.
3: Food exports make other countries learn what that country produces and makes a mix on both gastronomies. For example Chaufa rice in Peru, a mix with the Chinese.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spanish Colonial structure

In what ways could you argue that your personal or your family's privilege is a result of the Spanish Colonial Social System?

The spanish people were important in their colonies because they ruled everything. Also, because they are white and they don't have to worry about being enslaved or discriminated, they are civilized and they are a modern civilization, my family is privileged because we are hispanic descendants, we speak Spanish, we are white and we have money to be in a very important place in social class, Also I was born on the United States and I speak both Spanish and english fluently so I have more opportunities in life to communicate and learn more.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

School in India

If I would live in that society I wouldn't be so much forced to do what people wanted me to do so I would do what i wanted. But I would be forced to do exactly as my religion says because if I don't do it I would be punished and maybe expelled from my house and family. If I had the opportunity to study in a school I would finish my carrier and try to be successful on it. I'm a boy so I would appreciate every opportunity I had to study and be a successful man.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Implicit Association Test

Today, I took the Understanding prejudice test in my computer. The test consisted of what are your preferences between european american people and African people. The test also associated different words and if they were good or bad for me. I did my best as quickly possible and the results explained that I had a strong Automatic preference for white people but also stated that I don't have a fast Automatic response about prefering white people over black people. I don't have a really big preference in races because personally I don't judge by their race although I feel a little bit more comfortable and self understood being with european American people.