Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pace of change

Pace of change is the shift or variation in a normal routine or pattern, the change of rate on a specific event.
One example would be the letters that were written and sent  a long time ago, they were sent by people that had to transport them and carry them to were they were sent. Nowadays letters are written by mail, tweeter or even Whatsapp. Technology has made the world very easily connected and now communication is possible in many different ways.

Rome was the first community or empire to create and invent roads, buildings and aqueducts, this major advances helped the world flow easily and be a lot more organized, now all those creations had been perfected in many ways and they can do much more. If they wouldn't have been invented, we would have many problems on transportation of products, houses and shelter for people to live, plus the world wouldn't be organized and it would need more things for the world to work as well.