Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Current Event Source Evaluation


1: Is this a Primary or Secondary source? How do you know?

This is a Primary Source because the person that is writing about it has witnessed the event and is writing about what he saw and what he knows.

2:What information does the source provide? Briefly summarize it in 3-5 sentences.

This article is talking about a very big attempt of a bomb explosion that left 22 dead and 123 wounded civilians in Bangkok, Thailand. The Bangkok police hasn't determined who was the responsible behind this attack. Police cheif: Somyot Pumpangmuang said that they were warned about this attempt but didn't knew when or where it might happen and who knows what is going to happen with a military group governing the country.

3:How reliable is the source? How do you know?

This is a very good and reliable source because it has a film recorded by the witnesses and reporters of the news paper so you can see what happened in the bomb attack. Also this article talks about what the police say about it and what may happen with the government involved, this gives a lot of perspectives and data that helps the person that is reading it and wants to know about the attack.

4: What is one important question that the source does not answer? Where might you be able to find the answer?

This source doesn't answer who did this attack and that is a vital question for people to be aware of who did it and for the police to chase and track that person or group.
In days, the news of who did it will be everywhere and everybody will know. You might find it in another news paper that has the information quicker and with proofs of accusing the people that did it.