Monday, December 14, 2015

Question 4 answers

I believe this statement is accurate because if the story of the Sudanese lost boys would have happened today, it would have been very similar. The boys would have walked a long distance also through the desert and rough weather or crossing difficult rivers with strong currents ans crocodiles. But also the transportation would be different now if help had arrived or terrorists would have charged them a lot of money to cross them through the ocean by boats. Also, the survivors were very lucky because the soldiers would have killed them or the harsh desert conditions would have killed them and that would also happen right now in any escape-migration situation. Also in the colonies people went to other places to find better economic opportunities or a better life without having to live a sad live were they where before, and I think this also happens now, people are running away to another place for a better life and better economic opportunities so they don't have to suffer any more, but some people are doing it illegally.